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uygolivia00    Shrewsbury, England
Cool, casual friends
west corporation niles ohioImemosoloveme    Redhill, England
Hi. I am currently attending university here in Ottawa. Academically, I would have to say that Criminology and Psychology are my main focus. However, physics, mathethics, chemistry
krav maga orlandogiftytima    Pinson/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
I'm looking for someone to do summer cottaging, bike riding, walking-hiking, maybe downhill skiing in winter. A travel partner would be great too. I don't want to spend the rest of my life single.
sexiest black womanSaid50    Northlake, Illinois
Well. I like food. Uhm, I do artsy stuff on occasion. I'm a major introvert unless I'm around people I'm comfortable with. I would like to go to an art college in the next six years. My taste in music is.all over the place.

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